Past Activity

Jam for Refugees

(with Terry Norman)

For Barwon Heads Fine Music Society

An Eighteenth Century Sampler

Christmas Caramels

Organ Plus One

geelong concert





A great success from everyone’s point-of-view.  What a joy!

Music in the Churches

A varied program of music for various combinations of  music for saxophone, flute, violin, guitar,double bass and voice “curated” by Henry Vynhal will be presented

  • at 2:30pm
  • on Saturday, 27th October, 2018
  • in the Chapel at Sacred Heart College, High Street, Kyneton.

Semele (Handel), presented by Ballarat Chamber Opera

Saturday, 6th October, 2018 at Cathedral Church of Christ the King, Ballarat.

Conductor —  Helen Duggan;  Organist — Dr Calvin Bowman

Semele Daughter of Cadmus – Michelle McCarthy
Jupiter  King of Gods and Husband to Juno – Christopher Roache
Iris Handmaiden to Juno – Prudence Hare
Juno Goddess of Marriage, Wife to Jupiter – Bridget Davies
Cadmus King of Thebes/Somnus God of Sleep – Stewart Greedy
Athamus a prince of Bœotia, betrothed to Semele – Anna Plotka
Ino Sister to Semele, in love with Athamus – Christine Heald