I am delighted that you found your way here.

I am in the “business” of making music with others, and of assisting, enabling and encouraging others to do the same.   Chamber music (involving voices and/or instruments) and choral music (in community, in schools and for the liturgy) are my particular (but not my only) areas of interest.

If you need

  • ongoing direction of  a vocal ensemble, large or small, secular or sacred
  • direction of, or assistance with, a special project, secular or sacred
  • someone to run a rehearsal for you
  • someone to sing or play the flute or piccolo with you
  • an external pair of ears during performance preparation
  • assistance with program planning
  • to find a local community or church choir to join
  • a teacher of voice, flute or music theory/musicianship (online if required )

contact me.  If I cannot help you myself, it is very likely that I can point you in the direction of someone who can.

Invitations to Participate

  • Ballarat Choral Society
  • Ballarat Central Uniting Church

Coming Events

  • The Big Sing